I hold a deep passion for imparting knowledge on Aboriginal art and storytelling, preserving the sacred tradition entrusted to me by my Elders.

Workshops cater to diverse age groups, spanning from pre-schools to workplaces.

While I'm located in Naarm (Melbourne), I am flexible to travel as needed.

Group Canvas

Group Canvas Painting is an all inclusive activity which focuses on working together to create a story through education of symbols and storytelling with those symbols.


Drawing Workshops are a great way to educate a younger age group on the tradition of storytelling using the symbols. This workshop type is encouraged for pre-schoolers however is not restricted to it.

Individual Paintings

This is a great option for older children and adults. This session includes an introduction to the symbols and how to tell a story. It is recommended for the older age groups because of how messy the painting can get.


This is a collaborative process to create Totem Poles to represent and commemorate ancestory, histories, people and/or events.

If you would like to find out more about the session types, or to organise a teaching session, please reach out via the button below.