PNO Insurance Mural

I am very grateful for this opportunity to do a mural for PNO Insurance in their Office in Malvern East, Victoria. 
The Mural represents their connection to the business' they work with as an insurance broker.
The central meeting place is PNO Insurance surrounded by people which are representative of their employees. The smaller meeting places both below and above, identify the numerous businesses they support and their employees. The lines connecting all meeting places resembles the unity or ongoing connection which brings them all together to work cohesively. The journey lines highlights PNO Insurances journey to be the business they are today including the growth they have been through. The animal tracks identify the connection to the Wurundjeri land and shows respect to Australia’s First Nation Peoples’. Lastly, the smaller shapes spread across the piece represent the broader community including their employees families who ongoingly support the business showing the impact of PNO Insurance.