Melbourne Renegades



Bayley Mifsud, Melbourne Renegades


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The talented artist was joined by Renegades' Ella Hayward, a proud Jawoyn woman, earlier this year and together explored the significance of the design and what it should represent.
The result is a powerful symbol of unity, portraying 11 players coming together at a central meeting place: the cricket oval. This unique artwork also symbolizes the profound connection between the players and the land, underscoring the significance of the natural environment in Australia's Indigenous culture.
The design will feature on the front and back of the uniforms, as well as the peaks of the players’ caps.
Hayward expressed her pride in the collaboration.
“I feel incredibly honoured to represent my culture and people for the club and help make something really special,” Hayward said.
“Bayley has done an incredible job, the kit looks amazing. She’s put a lot of time and effort into this, and to have let me share in the creative process is a huge thing. I’m extremely grateful and proud.”